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We have a beautiful ETSY SHOP, where we sell charming gnomes, whimsical fairies, wreaths, greeting cards, seasonal decorations and wall hangings.


For this Fall Season, we have been creating some amazing pumpkins with floral embellishments, and macrame elements, You can also purchase gorgeous garlands, made with ribbons, crystals, and flowers. 

Visit our Etsy shop now!


Welcome to AntoCHIQUE Creations!


❤️We specialize in unique handmade gifts that you and your loved ones will fall in love with! AntoCHIQUE Gnomes are the most joyful and merry "little people", that are not simply a decor item. They unite families and create a lifetime of memories!


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❤️Shop our curated collection on ETSY   - we have a beautiful selection of Souvenirs, Patriotic gnomes, cute witches, cooks, wine and beer guardians, and angel gnomes for all the tastes.


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