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Welcome to AntoCHIQUE Creations!

Proudly Canadian, Made in Canada.

Antonina (Antoshik) is the founder of the AntoCHIQUE Creations brand and our "Steam Locomotive".  Her passion is travelling. In her 20+ years as an avid travel expert, she's seen the best what world has to offer: Russia, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Peru, Mexico, Cuba, USA and Canada are among her extensive travel destinations. Art and Travel pair perfectly, and the process of creating becomes multi-layered, and enriched by the cultural experiences. Antonina finds her inspiration from all the travel memories, transferring it into the vibrant modern art.

Olga is a very talented artist, whose splendid ideas turn into marvelous creations. She is the "Fountain of Ideas"! Olga's passion is creating "merry little people". She believes that with our gnomes we create unforgettable Moments, or ... "Gnoments" :)

Virsavia is the youngest artist, she takes pride in her art process, and hand paints and arranges all the wooden embellishments for the gnome outfits.

We truly believe that each home needs our fabulous gnome!

AntoCHIQUE Creations team, holding home keeper gnomes
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