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Curious Facts about  Gnomes

The gnomes were legendary creatures from all across Europe.  Their size made them perfectly suited to the depths of forests. Recently, they have taken up more comfortable shelter in households and gardens.

The gnomes are said to travel through the earth and possess supernatural abilities. In fact, every culture that incorporates gnomes views the creatures somewhat differently - the Scandinavian "Tomte" and the German garden gnome, for example, look differently, and serve different purposes. 


​​Top 5 Reasons to Own a Gnome

  1. Gnomes are the keepers of treasure

  2. Gnomes bring good luck

  3. Gnomes are a conversation starter. People invariably ask why on earth you have a gnome in your house!

  4. Gnomes will make you smile! That's a bonus for your Health!

  5. Gnomes help your Love grow!

Gnomes are addictive! Once you start collecting AntoCHIQUE Fabulous Gnomes, it may become quite addictive!

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