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This one-of-kind wine cork frame will become the best home decor item! Designed especially for wine lovers, who keep all the corks and don’t know how to showcase them in style. 

Stunning Wine Cork Memory Frame for your Home Decor! Display your favorite wine corks in style with this stunning wine cork memory frame. It will put a smile on your guests' faces. This unique home decor item will be a trusted companion to every wine lover, and the perfect gift idea for any special occasions including Easter celebration, birthdays, weddings, anniversary, or housewarming.
The frame will hold lots and lots of your memorable wine corks (the gnome has his cute well:) )


The dimensions of the frame not including the gnome and flowers: 14"x8"x2".
This unique large boxed  wine cork memory frame has a slot to collect wine corks from your favorite brands.

The wine cork memory frame is decorated with beautiful faux flowers, and an adorable handmade gnome. The gnome has a wooden nose, premium quality faux fur beard, and a cute outfit. 

St Patrick's Wine Cork Frame - Shadow box

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