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Gnomes and Gemstones

Original AntoCHIQUE gnome

Meet our original Antochique Gnome (pronounced as Antoshik)!


Gnomes are very hard-working, and bring good luck. They are good-natured, peaceful, and rather jolly. They love glittery things like gems and jewellery, and therefore they are expert jewel craftsmen and gem cutters.

Antochique gnome is a very peaceful gnome, who like his gemstones and crystals. He is willing to share his magical knowledge, and has prepared some fascinating gift boxes for you.

Each gift box consists of the following:

* One perfect Antochique gnome 

* One gemstone of your choice

* One gemstone table, handcrafted with love (it works as a gemstone holder to store your gem)

* Special educational information about your gemstone, and some very important tip about stone care and energy charging.

We helped our Antochique gnome to pick the very best gemstones, and guarantee their quality. Most of our gemstones are from South America.

How to choose your gemstone

One of the most important factors when choosing a gemstone is color. Some other important factors to consider when choosing a gemstone are: physical properties, its rarity, and its metaphysical properties.

Even though the day of the week, month, and season of your birth are important, we do not recommend to choose the gemstone only according to your Zodiac sign. But how do you know which would be best for you?


Antochique gnome suggests to look closely at the gemstone, and if you feel some energy coming from the photo, then it's the right gemstone! Sometimes we make choices that aren’t based on logic, but on intuition. Following your heart can be the best thing to do in certain situations, which these gems show as well. Don’t think about it too much; just pick the gemstone you like best! 

Example of Original AntoCHIQUE gnome
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